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So the World’s Not Ending. Now What?

May 21, 2011

Some may say we’ll all be better off without the evangelicals to plague us.

Too bad those wackos are living in a dream world. They’ve all quit their jobs, gotten rid of all their belongings and quit paying their bills in order to prepare for shuffling off this mortal coil and it’s not happening.

I have a feeling some submachine guns will come out to express some fundamental disappointment.

All of you out there who have been preparing for the zombie attack, this is your moment to shine. Be on the lookout for mouth frothing rage and the soulless glaze of disappointment. These are the true harbingers of doom.

Since the end is not really nigh, there are going to be some gun-totin’ motherfuckers out there with nothing to lose and nowhere to turn but mass murder and the promise that the chaos they wreak will be the start of the true apocalypse.

Oh, and in case you want a look at the kook who predicted this, get a load of the stringy Harold Camping in all his gristly glory. He sounds like Ben Stein, but looks like Mr. Burns. What about this guy inspires confidence?

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  1. May 25, 2011 12:12 am

    How much cash do you think this guy made out of the whole rapture stunt? Apparently he made the same prediction in ’94. I guess he figures he can make enough with every apocalypse prediction to live comfortably for about 17 years. Although I doubt he has that many left in him

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