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What Happens when You Get in Front of the Computer After a Few Beers?

November 19, 2011

MultiView fiction is a byproduct of reality. The product is created by sending at least three writers into the field. They all recount the experience, at least in part, as accurately and honestly as they can. The best result is created from the most disparate situations. When the result must be without writing, as long as the story is told, that is fine.

Then, another person stitches these experiences together. The audience may never know the ID of any of the main speakers. It’s a discursive action produced by a multi voice.

For me, the city isn’t consistent enough, and all the speakers ought to be able to claim their voices in the narrative.

I guess if they are not distinctive enough, then that’s their fault  And it adds to the intrigue of the city.

I wish men weren’t so sexy to me. It’s going to be this way for me, and I do not believe that I will evolve around it. I think that the key to the survival of the human race is homosexuality. We must cease to reproduce. We must look to the earth to sustain us as we decrease, fingers crossed that some of us may survive. If we continue to follow the paradigm, we will continue to be lost.

Am I manifesting or manefesto-ing or neither?

I hate Warhol. I think the only truth he reveals is in a completely coquettish way — not exactly respectable, and most certainly not his own ideas. Art by committee when the committee gets no credit. Thank goodness he never actually affected anything or he might have been dangerous in his banality and the promise of his vouyerism. Or is that now the reality we are presented with as truth? Like I said, I hate Warhole.

But this isn’t the stuff of grant applications. What you want to hear is somethign new. I can try to give it to you, but I’m afraid all I have is my desire to make something new. To devise a way besides fiction — to have people speaking on a situation in their real voices.

#1 The rules and ideas fly away like birds.

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